"Podcasts"? I haven't heard of those before…

A "podcast" is a series of audio recordings distributed over the internet for playback on portable media players and computers. You can listen to podcasts online, download the individual episodes of the podcast to your computer or mp3 player, or subscribe to a podcast with software such as Apple's iTunes Player and receive a notification whenever a new podcast episode is released.

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"Subscribe to a podcast..."? How does that work?...

"Subscribing" to our French language podcast is simple. To 'tell' iTunes Player that you want to subscribe to our podcast, click the 'feed icon' on the right. (iTunes will open, and you'll be automatically subscribed to LFBP.)

Note that audio episodes from our podcast are free but the PDF Guides which accompany our lessons cost 1 Download Credit each. (Credits cost $1.00 each, and considerably less if you buy a larger Credit bundle). Find out about purchasing download credits to download and start working with our Guides right now.)

Use iTunes Player to keep track of your podcasts. iTunes Player allows automatic retrieval and downloading of podcast episodes.


This is the number of Lessons we have created since we began creating our lessons!...

If you would prefer to use software other than iTunes to subscribe, paste the address from the box below when you're asked for LFBP's podcast URL:

Our podcast feed is: http://ftew.libsyn.com/rss

"Podcast software"? What's that?...

There are lots of ways of following podcasts. Podcast software automatically keeps track of new podcast episode releases. You can tell the software to simply notify you of new content, or you can have it automatically download that new content, too. We strongly recommend Apple's iTunes Player which is free, powerful and cross-platform: you can use it on PC or Mac.

What does podcast software do?

If you subscribe to any magazine, you'll know that it drops through your letterbox regularly. Programs like iTunes Player keep track of your podcast subscriptions. Suppose you like a particular American radio show that's broadcast twice a week. Then there's a technology show that's broadcast once a week. And then, there are our language lessons… again, released periodically. iTunes, or whatever podcast software you use, automatically detects new episodes as they are released and notifies you accordingly. You can set iTunes up so that it automatically retrieves new podcast episodes. iTunes will retrieve and download new lessons: you can then play back those episodes when it suits you.

Any mp3 player can be used to listen to podcasts. Or you can simply play back through your computer.

Do I need an iPod to listen to podcasts? …

No. Though the word 'podcast' was coined from 'iPod' and 'broadcast', you do not need an Apple device (iPod, iTouch, iPad) specifically to listen to the podcast episodes. Our audio files (mp3s) can be played back on:

  • your computer
  • mp3 players - of any kind. (You can transfer the mp3 files from your computer to your mp3 player easily
    • using iTunes
    • by click-dragging the files from your computer desktop to your mp3 player's icon
    • via Bluetooth. (You'll need to pair? your mp3 player with your computer.)
  • most mobile phones, especially more recent models
  • any other devices capable of playing back mp3 files.

If you're serious about learning French, purchase Download Credits to work with our Lesson Guides. They contain lots of very detailed information. (Roll over the image for a zoomed-in view.)

Ok. I'm ready. Where do I start?...

If your computer has speakers or headphones you can go to our Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced pages and click the "Listen" buttons to start learning right away.

If you're serious about learning French…

Our PDF Lesson Guides provide a great deal of additional information on every lesson. To access our Lesson Guides, there are 2 simple steps:

  1. Purchase Download Credits. Then,
  2. use your Download Credits to download the Guides.

See Sample Guides here before you buy.