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Purchase Download Credits for just $1.00 each and download our detailed PDF Lesson Guides.

If you know little or no French…

  • start with our Beginner lessons. You can work through them sequentially, starting with the oldest ones and working forward, or you can select lessons at random. The earlier lessons are more simple than those that come later.

If you do already have some French…

  • start working on our Intermediate lessons. Our later Intermediate lessons are more detailed than our earlier ones. (Some of our Intermediate listeners have told us that they have found our Beginner lessons very useful, too, for revision and clarification of points of grammar, etc.)

If you have a good level of French…

  • our Advanced lessons will suit you. Our Advanced lessons are totally in French, including the explanatory information. (Some of our Advanced level listeners have told us they are benefiting from our Intermediate lessons, too, especially Intermediate lessons released more recently, which are very detailed.)

The easiest way of listening to and keeping track of our Lessons is by using a podcast app. See this short YouTube clip for more information.

Many of our listeners now have ‘always-on’ internet. However, some of our listeners find it convenient to download our audio (mp3) files to their devices for ‘offline’ listening. Two possible ways of doing this are as follows:

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Using iTunes – on either PC or Mac – is the simplest way of downloading our audio files.

You can use iTunes to download our mp3 files if you wish.

Firstly, …

  1. locate our podcast in the iTunes Store.
  2. Subscribe to our podcast.
  3. Click the download icon associated with the episodes/lessons you wish to download.

If you don’t wish to use iTunes, you can download our mp3s directly from our site.

To download Lesson audio directly from our site…

  1. right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) the ‘Play’ button of whatever lesson you're working on. A contextual menu will pop up (see image below).
  2. Select ‘Save Link As…’. A Save dialog box will appear.
    1. type a filename (or use the one given), e.g. ‘LFBP_001.mp3’
    2. click Save

Save Link As option Mac

Our Lesson Guides are in the form of PDF documents.

You can read and print our PDFs easily using any pdf-capable application. (Modern browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome will open PDFs directly in the browser window.)

From there, you can print/download the PDF of the lesson you’re working on.

(Note that Page 1 of each of our Lessons contains a large graphic. You may wish to print from page 2 to the end of the PDF to conserve printer ink and speed up printing.)

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Use your

  1. VISA card
  2. MasterCard

… to make your payment via our Realex gateway.

Realex is a major processor of online payments. They handle payments for many companies, including Vodafone and Aer Lingus.

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PayPal needs no introduction as a processor of online payments. You can pay via our PayPal gateway, whether you have a PayPal account or not.

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Our PayPal gateway also allows for payment via e-Check.

e-Checks are the electronic equivalent of 'paper' checks. ‘Verified’ PayPal members can make payments with e-Checks. Payments via e-Check are debited directly from PayPal users’ cheque-book accounts rather than from a credit card.)

Note e-Checks take from 3 to 9 days to clear, depending on your location. If you purchase Download Credits on our site via e-Check, your LFBP account will continue to show 0 (zero) Credits until your e-Check transaction clears at our end.

If you do not wish to pay via Realex or PayPal, you can make a wire/bank transfer. Our bank details are:

  • Account name: Plus Publications
  • Account no.: 32103097
  • Sort code: 93-63-83
  • IBAN: IE35 AIBK 9363 8332 1030 97
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Have you checked your Spam folder?

It often happens that users’ email programs have a sensitive default spam setting which causes email to be re-directed to their spam folders.

If you have not received an email from us that you were expecting, please check your spam folder first.

If our email definitely has not arrived, please contact us.

LFBP Credits

LFBP Download Credits do not expire. Use them at your own pace.


Your Download Credits remain in your LFBP account until you use them to download PDF content from our site.

There is no time limit on your Download Credits.

Zero Credits showing in LFBP account.

In rare instances it may happen that Download Credits are not applied immediately to your LFBP account after making your purchase. This may happen if:

  1. you have made a payment via e-Check. Credits will be applied to your account as soon as your e-Check clears. See also 'What are my payment options?', above, for more information about PayPayl e-Checks.
  2. a 'timeout' occurred during your payment because of a slow - or temporarily slow - internet connection.

Please contact us if your LFBP account is showing 0 credits. We will manually apply your purchased Credits to your LFBP account.

(Please take into account that our office hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, GMT. We respond to emails very quickly but it may take up to a day to receive a response from us.)

The likely cause of your seeing 0 credits is that you created more than one LFBP account and are logging into the wrong account.

Please let us know if you are seeing 0 credits in your account balance and we will resolve the issue for you.

(Please take into account that our office hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, GMT. We respond to emails very quickly but it may take up to a day to receive a response from us.)


No additional credits will be deducted from your LFBP account for downloading the same PDF on different devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc).

As long as you first log into LFBP, you may download the same PDF as many times as you wish, on as many different devices as you like. A credit will be deducted from your LFBP account the first time only. Thereafter, you have free access to previously-purchased Lessons.

A purchase of LFBP download credits allows you to work with our lessons for your own, personal use.

Your own purchase does NOT allow you to use our content with a group of people, for example in a classroom, or in any other group-learning environment.

SITE LICENSING (to use LFBP with a group of people)

If you wish to use our content with a group of people, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for a Site Licence calculated according to the number of people in your group.

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Yes, all content we produce is protected by copyright.

Plus Publications’ content may NOT be modified, reproduced, transmitted, re-purposed or copied (in a manner other than as specified in the section entitled ‘10. Purchased content: for your personal use’, above, and in our Terms and Conditions) by any means or in any form without prior written permission of Plus Publications.

If there is a particular reason why you wish to reproduce any of our content, please contact us for further information and permission. © All rights reserved.

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