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"I'm at last learning usable..."

"I'm at last learning usable French! I've been learning from books for many years, passed 'O' level... but was still mute in France. I've started LFBP from Beginners and have learnt from every lesson. What a relief!.."

Country   Derek Reeves

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"Hi. Thanks so much for your..."

"Hi. Thanks so much for your program! It is the best one I've come across...! It's very informative and the conversations are carefully chosen. The PDF Guides are also very helpful."

Country   Jennifer Li

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"I think your method of..."

"I think your method of teaching is excellent. Like many of your subscribers I have been trying to learn French on and off for years with no luck. I now feel confident after only a few months... by the end of this year I am confident I will be fluent in French. Thank you very much! Are you planning a German course in the near future? Just to let you know I would be very interested... "

Country   John Bell

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"After only 2 weeks after..."

"After only 2 weeks after joining, I really believe LFBP is one of the best ways to really improve one's pronunciation and oral comprehension. As an advanced intermediate student who has also lived in France, I especially like that it highlights commonly spoken/used phrases - more colloquial that what one usually gets in the standard French classes. Terrific job!!"

Country   Mary Jean Cuaycong

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"I have just purchased my first..."

"I have just purchased my first set of lessons at the intermediate level and find the quality of your product excellent. This is surely the most comprehensive method of learning any language. I would recommenad this to anyone. Thank you for all your help. James R"

Country   James Ritchie

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"The materials are excellent,..."

"The materials are excellent, Hugh, truly very well done... I can honestly say that I have learned as much French in the last 4 weeks as i did in 6 years of school. I am well on my way to speaking reasonable french by the end of June... Thank you very much! Paul"

Country   Paul Birkett

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"Hi, I just wanted to say what..."

"Hi, I just wanted to say what a great website this is! I'm really enjoying the podcasts and the excellent PDF guides! Although I am only a 'beginner' at learning French, I think I'm making some real progress, with your help. Keep up the good work! Chris"

Country   Chris Rolfe

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"You guys provide by far the..."

"You guys provide by far the best and most informative French lessons I've found on the net. The lessons are topical and informative and the PDF guides provide a great backup to the audio. Keep up the great work!!"

Country   Heather Warner

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"The best French lessons I have..."

"The best French lessons I have ever come across and I know as I lived in Paris for five years and I attended a lot of French classes while I was there. I wish I had discovered this site earlier."

Country   Po Chan

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"As a retired school principal,..."

"As a retired school principal, I find that your pdf guides are based on sound educational principles. The explanations are thorough. The additional vocabulary and exercises connect well to the podcasts and everything is presented in such an attractive and professional manner. You really thought things through before starting this venture and this sets you apart from those amateurs who are trying to do the same. You really know what you are doing and it shows in the quality of your podcasts and your support materials. Merci and félicitations!"

Country   Bruce Kerr

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"May I remark on the excellence..."

"May I remark on the excellence of your Podcast. The clarity & tone of Amélie's voice and pronunciation when coupled, Hugh, with your explanations & PDF guides are superb. It must take a great deal of thought and care to produce, but, it is appreciated. With thanks and best wishes, Anthony Palmer"

Country   Anthony Palmer

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"I've subscribed to different..."

"I've subscribed to different online French lessons and Learn French By Podcast is far and away the best. The lesson guides are extremely well done and informative and the podcasts are always interesting and fun. Merci, Jocel"

Country   Jocel Dumlao

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"LFBP is an awesome resource..."

"LFBP is an awesome resource that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I especially find benefit in short phrases that can be used in everyday conversation, it makes it much easier to practice on people!"

Country   Stephen Fort

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"Your methods of explaining..."

"Your methods of explaining French are fantastic. Thank you very much. I do French at school and I love it, so I am going through your great podcasts."

Country   Will Marshall

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"I have been studying French..."

"I have been studying French all my life. This is the best audio lesson source I have ever found. I'm understanding more verb conjugations than I have ever be able to before. I just subscribed to the lesson guides. They're really terrific too. Thank you! Keep up the great work. Janet. Washago, Ontario"

Country   Janet Stead

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"My French has improved..."

"My French has improved tremendously since I subscribed to your podcast. Thank you so much for doing this!"

Country   John Smith

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"I really enjoy the podcasts..."

"I really enjoy the podcasts and the fact that they discuss current events and interesting topics. I enjoy learning vocabulary in the context of a realistic conversation. It is a true service."

Country   Steph Steph

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"I'm from south korea. I've..."

"I'm from south korea. I've been learning French for few years. But still had so many difficulties with conversation. I've downloaded some podcast lessons and just signed up for PDFs. I'm in Lyon, France, to study French. It helps me so much. I want to say thank you so much for providing these amazing lessons for foreigners like me who are eager to learn French..."

Country   Minji Cho

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"Brilliant ! I just looked up..."

"Brilliant ! I just looked up French podcasts - none of them was good as yours :D Anyway, I wish you good luck!!"

Country   Sean Sean

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"I like your new site and great..."

"I like your new site and great to see photos of you all. It's always good to put a face to a voice, stops you imagining someone completely different! I think LFBP is excellent and beats the competition hands down. It has certainly helped my French. What I like most is that the topics are always very relevant with 'natural' up-to-date vocabulary and idiomatic usage. (I no longer want to know "where the station or post office is"!!!) It's the French I want to speak and I'm finding myself well able to, thanks to your help. Continuez!"

Country   Carolyn Russell

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"A very big thank you. These..."

"A very big thank you. These podcast lessons have taught me well. I was born in Canada but I live in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and these lessons have helped well, communicating with foreign visitors. Thank you very much!"

Country   Colin Long

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"I am just beginning to use..."

"I am just beginning to use your lessons, but I already see that they are very good and I really enjoy working with them. Thank you very much!"

Country   Vasiliy Shkurat

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"I'm a newcomer. It's an..."

"I'm a newcomer. It's an excellent podcast!!!!! I just want to convey my appreciation to u guys. Thks."

Country   Liu Vincent

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"I must say how pleased that we..."

"I must say how pleased that we are to have found LFBP it provides just what we need: French spoken by French people which is not to difficult for adult learners who are not too fluent. Thank you. John and Sheila."

Country   John Dryburgh

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"I just came back from France a..."

"I just came back from France a month ago and I must say that, among quite a few visits, it was by far the most enjoyable one. For the past few months I've been listening to your podcast, adding useful and practical expressions up to what I already knew. It's amazing how much more fun it can be when one feels comfortable when speaking the language and is able to really interact and mix with the locals. Congratulations on the new site! Keep up the hard work!"

Country   David Díaz

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"I am enjoying your LFBP..."

"I am enjoying your LFBP podcasts and printed lessons very much. I live where French is rarely spoken (North Carolina) and the podcasts give me the opportunity to hear the language on a regular basis."

Country   John LeBaron

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"I've tried many of the..."

"I've tried many of the available French podcasts, but yours is by far the best one. Thank you and keep up the good work. Kind regards, seb"

Country   Sebastian Zmyslowski

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"I'll surely write again, but..."

"I'll surely write again, but if I don't do it now, I'll never do it. I just want to say that your podcasts are amazing. They've helped my French improve so much. I live in Montreal and even with six years of high school French, I was unable to communicate because of all the colloquial expressions and phrases of dialogue. But, thanks to your podcasts, I have learned many useful things and continue to learn daily. Thank you. "

Country   Rachel Levine

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"I listen to your podcasts..."

"I listen to your podcasts every day and you are helping me to learn French! Thank you very much. "

Country   Joanna Reynolds

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"This has been the most..."

"This has been the most wonderful opportunity for me to learn French!!! The audio classes are on my iPod, and I listen on the way to and from class... It's marvellous. "

Country   Colette Susu

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"Hi Hugh and Amelie: I am an..."

"Hi Hugh and Amelie: I am an intermediate speaker. I studied french in grade school because I am Canadian by birth, so there has always been a strong base. Since coming to the United States though, immersion has been difficult, and many of the learn-french-quick programs seem to be aimed at familiarity with the language rather than fluency in it. Your programs have been a "renaissance" for me. The range of lessons you offer are very helpful; you tend to move on, with recaps to earlier stages at precisely the best times. I am thoroughly enjoying your podcasts; I am studying daily again, and my French is improving very quickly. Whatever your secret, keep it up. Camus' l'Étranger is a breeze for me now (I love his insistence on the passé composé). Please keep up this wonderful program. "

Country   Roy Vallis

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"Still loving "Learn..."

"Still loving "Learn French by Podcast"! Thank you so much for helping me improve my French skills with you elegant teaching style! Keep up the GREAT WORK! "

Country   Christian Morrison

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"I absolutely love your..."

"I absolutely love your lessons! They are perfect for someone who is accustomed to learning languages and wants to dive right in and be able to develop conversational skills quickly. I plan my first trip to France in the fall and am using your program as my primary tool to learn French before I go. I'm confident that your program will give me a greater level of competence than if I had started with a more traditional grammatically-oriented program. I'm so glad I stumbled upon you. Thanks ever so much!! Vicki "

Country   Vicki Jauron

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"I'm so happy to have found..."

"I'm so happy to have found this site. I've been using this website for nearly a month and I've learned so much. I've also recommended it to others... Thanks! "

Country   Courtney Park

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"Your podcasts are great. I..."

"Your podcasts are great. I filled up my new i-pod Shuffle with them and listen to them over and over. I've been trying to pass the French language requirements here in Quebec and I am sure your podcasts will be of great help. Thanks."

Country   Ann Vine

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"I am so happy to have found..."

"I am so happy to have found your veritable treasure-trove of lessons. I studied French all throughout University, but only did moderately well, leaving with a decent ability to speak, read and write. However, since that time when I have tried to use my French in job situations, I have found that I've been lacking; I'm out of practice. LFBP is perfect for me. I have a base from which to work so it is easy for me to quickly refresh and reinforce what I already know, and shed light on those things I never resolved in school ... By practicing with you I can continue to nurture my french abilities. You both are so enjoyable to listen to, and I love the efficiency of your lessons. I find the organic flow of your lessons one of the most attractive and distinctive features of LFBP. This style of constructing the lessons encourages one to just dive in and keep exploring; and it is the exploratory attitude that facilitates learning. "Learn French By Podcast" is a new kind of institution. These classes are portable, fun, personable, flexible, organic and efficient. I very much enjoy learning with you. Thank you for your service."

Country   Milosh Rodic

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"What a great find! I have..."

"What a great find! I have tried so many times to get my French past the intermediate level, and have always failed with the grammar books or tapes. This time I started from the first beginner lesson Podcast, and that is ensuring that all my old foundations are really solid, and my confidence level is now huge. I particularly enjoy the PDFs, and absolutely love the brief written exercises with the answers. Now I know that when I reach your advanced lessons, all of it (writing, speaking, listening and reading) will be strong. Thanks a million!"

Country   Heather Ohlin

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"I think your podcasts are..."

"I think your podcasts are brilliant. I listen to them on my commute to work and am feeling much more confident about an upcoming trip to Normandy."

Country   Eoin O'Conaire

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"Your program is excellent... I..."

"Your program is excellent... I had worked my way up to intermediate when I was younger. (Born in Canada where French was a part of the curriculum - Quebecois of course - Parisians love to make fun). Your program was a great way to get back into French. Your setup is perfect; your talk-through approach is stellar. One question: any chance you might add more advanced courses to your line-up? You've done such a great job, I'm ready for some tougher stuff now and then."

Country   Roy Vallis

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"Your new lesson format of..."

"Your new lesson format of "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced" is an excellent idea. I have been studying French for years but I always learn something new from the "beginner" lesson. This format leaves no francophile without an opportunity to learn French via your podcast."

Country   Jim Layton

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"I was delighted to find this..."

"I was delighted to find this course after months of searching.. It is well structured and uses relevant vocabulary and situations. I would strongly recommend it to those looking to expand their vocabulary and understanding of the French language."

Country   Philip George

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"I'll be letting my..."

"I'll be letting my subscription lapse for awhile, only because I still have a backlog of about forty lessons to study. When I catch up, I will renew without hesitation. This is certainly the most economical, and perhaps the best-structured, combination of podcast/pdf study guide available in either Spanish or French, and I salute the creators for a job well done. I look forward to the series of advanced lessons."

Country   Stephen Worboys

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"Your lessons are not only..."

"Your lessons are not only detailed and practical, but extremely good value for money. I'm very impressed and glad people like you guys are operating. I learned French through school and college but never really wanted to learn the language until now, and your lessons are really helping me reconnect with the French language in advance of living in French-speaking countries, which is my next step. Merci beaucoup!"

Country   Steve Burke

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"I am doing a bachelor in..."

"I am doing a bachelor in languages, externally, and having your podcasts makes it all so much easier to understand the ways of French expression. Thank you."

Country   Charles Hew

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"Your lessons are outstanding,..."

"Your lessons are outstanding, particularly in the way they bring out so many points of grammar and expression so expeditiously. The PDF guides are indispensible."

Country   Andrew Sizeland

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"My name is Laura and I´m..."

"My name is Laura and I´m a student of English and French at Heidelberg University in Germany. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy listening to your podcast. Especially because I can listen to the both languages I'm studying (English and French) at the same time. Your choice of topics is brilliant. Your podcast has helped me in various every-day situations. Two thumbs up!"

Country   Laura Strohmann

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"Hello Hugh and Amelie! I am..."

"Hello Hugh and Amelie! I am enjoying your lessons very much and my friends in my French Conversation group say that my skills have improved dramatically since I started with your podcasts! Thanks again for such high quality lessons and I hope you folks keep doing this for a long time!"

Country   Michael McColl

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"My sincere congratulations...."

"My sincere congratulations. The best ever method of learning a foreign language. (What about offering Italian and/or Spanish?) Thanks a lot! (Born in 1937, Athens.)"

Country   Nicolaos Papadopoulos

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"This is the most practical..."

"This is the most practical group of French lessons I have ever used. I have been studying French off and on since 1961."

Country   Patrick McGhee

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"Your website and lessons are..."

"Your website and lessons are excellent in many ways, including the attractiveness of the website (especially the picture that comes with every lesson summary) and the pdf guides."

Country   Anna Koh

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