Why LFBP, rather than another French course?

The method we use to teach French is unlike what you find in other courses. We take very specific, real-life situations, and examine the vocabulary and expressions needed to deal with those situations. We don't try to have you wade through lists of vocabulary which, by definition, are unintuitive. After all, we don't communicate via lists, so why should we learn by them?

friends image

Want to be able to ask someone to take a photo for you?...

swamped with work image

Or tell someone you're swamped with work?...

visite to Paris image

Or, speak about a trip to Paris?...

Learn French that you're really going to use. Have you ever wished you could say something right now in French? Maybe you just want to:

  • greet a French business colleague
  • say a few words about the game on TV last night
  • explain that you can't make it to a party on Saturday
  • let someone know you've been delayed in traffic
  • ask someone in the street to take a photo of you and your friend
  • ask how someone's kids are getting on in school
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$1.00 per lesson. (Even less if you buy more lessons.)

Many French courses cost hundreds of dollars. That's a lot of money to invest in a learning programme which may not yield the results you expect.

On the other hand, all of our content costs just a fraction of what other courses cost. At most, you pay just 1 dollar per LFBP lesson, and even less if you buy a larger number of lessons.

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We're teachers, not marketing men.

LFBP was conceived by teachers with years of experience in the classroom.

But our lessons are not a magic bullet. You cannot take an LFBP 'tablet' one night and wake up the next morning a fluent French speaker. (There are some courses which almost make such promises.)

Learning a language takes commitment, but our thorough and methodical explanations will allow you to progress quickly and confidently with French.

I'm ready to get started.

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